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Copy and pasting waypoint crashes client
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I troed copying and pasting move waypoints for rifleman, ending in a cycle. Trying to copy the whole stack men and waypoints for a quick edit of another patrol didnt work.

Marking the waypoints and copying works, pasting works. But they should stick to a man. This didnt work.

The waypoints get pasted. But trying to move them makes the client crash every time.


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Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce

Place man.
Add one waypoint.
Add another man.
Copy move waypoint.
Paste move waypoint.
Try to drag waypoint OR click it in the Entities browser.

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Confirmed, also when only copying the waypoint and not it's unit, and then pasting, the unit is pasted at [0,0,0]

Thank you for your help with adressing this. I will take a look ASAP ;)

So i found an issue and fix is on it's way to you ;) you should be able to recheck it in next DEV update.
Have a nice day :)