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Unrecoverable crash when clicking the integrated feedback button in the Eden editor
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Hi, yesterday, to report missing objects in the Eden 3D editor (beta) I clicked on the integrated [Feedback] button which caused my game to crash (and the loss of some work, please do consider the auto save feature request !).


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Go in the Eden 3D editor (beta) and click on the [Feedback] button on the top right corner.

Additional Information

_I was using the AllinArma mod and was doing a mission on Takistan.
_I did not try to reproduce the issue yet.
_I am running win10 64b.
_no AI unit were placed.
_no triggers were placed.
_no markers were placed.
_no script activated.

NEW INFO: I tried again under similar condition and it did not crash.

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Alright I gave it another shot (after saving) and it didn't crash this time. I guess it was just a really unlucky first click.