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Unit attached waypoint attributes do not apply to the unit
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When you attach a waypoint to a unit and change the waypoint attributes like combat mode, formation and so on, none of them are applied to the unit the waypoint is attached to.

It should, and actually should also change the corresponding group attributes (formation, combat mode, behaviour, speed mode..) to match...


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No, it shouldn't.
For example when I give BLUFOR group a waypoint and attach it to an OPFOR vehicle, and set the waypoint to Stealth and Forced Hold Fire, I want these values to apply only for the BLUFOR group, not the enemy vehicle. Attaching means the waypoint will move with the target, nothing more.

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Admittedly I worded this quite badly; what I meant is that if you attach the group's first waypoint to the group _itself_ (as in create the first waypoint on the group leader, for whatever reason) the waypoint attributes should apply to the group.

Obviously did not mean they should apply to any enemy units etc, come on.. :P
Surely you can make the distinction between the waypoint being attached to it's owner and not an enemy or any other object.

Not sure if you missed this, but 3DEN has the concept of a "group entity" that 2D editor didn't have (it only had group links, but you couldn't edit the groups properties). Which means you can edit the group itself, and even set things like the groups callsign via Attributes without ever writing a line of code.

Editing the groups properties (double click the group icon in the viewport / right click the group on left hand menu then go attributes) allows you to do set their initial behavior, formation, speed mode, etc. without any waypoints. Attaching the waypoint to the group is kinda redundant in the 3D editor for these things, no?


I understand old habits are hard to get rid of. :)

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Fully aware of the group attributes (which a very nice addition, just wish the init box on it wasn't greyed out.. ;) ), I use a _lot_ of scripted crap in my missions and while checking out how the importing etc works noticed that the group related attributes weren't 'fed' into the group like before.

Wasn't using the WP's to do that, this just caught my peripheral vision..

Oh, I think I noticed what you mean. Can you confirm we're talking about the same thing?

For example, when you attach the first waypoint to the unit in the 2D editor, the unit respects the speed mode from the instant the mission starts. The unit never starts runnin.

While doing the same in 3DEN, it takes a few seconds for it to take effect and the unit is running for a second or two.

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Yes, that's what happens with AI, you can hear the AI commanding the group to the formation etc given in the WP, they don't start with the WP set attributes like in the 2D editor.

This is I guess a bit of a non-issue, although wouldn't mind if this worked like it used to. Completely fine if devs don't wanna to waste time on this, probably way more widely useful stuff to add/fix..

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This same thing kinda extends to the group attributes as well regarding the formations:
The units don't start in the formation you set them in; as in they do have the formation set correctly but they move to it from the default formation after mission start which looks kinda dumb.

Imagine let's say a large combat element of several groups starting somewhere to move forwards and all the vehicles and infantry drive and run around like headless chickens for a while to get to their format position if the format is set to something else than wedge..

But I guess this is getting to be an issue of it's own already...