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some objects fall through desks
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when i put e.g. a laptop, pencil, smartphone, documents ect on a desk and i start the scenario, then most of the objects fall through the desk and some are "in" and not on the desk (through the graphic)


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Windows 7
Eden Editor
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eden editor

  • put a desk on the map and a laptop or radio or so on the desk and start the scenario
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i didn't try it with all objects
i'm not sure if it the same in the 2d editor or has it been otherwise solved

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I've also noticed that two thirds of an item placed on a desk appear embedded into it, even if you place the item above the desk they fall into it with just a small amount showing through.

Weapons like a rifle seem fine thought.

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This has been present in zeus as well.
Just a question: Have you tried disabling simulation on the objects?

I have a feeling this is to do with the collision model and how thin the contact surface is on the object being placed on the table. My tests revealed that if you place ammo boxes on the table (they have a large surface area) they will remain on the table (possibly clipping through a little). Whereas if you try to put something like a notepad (a small surface area) it will fall straight through the table due to the collosion either not being detected or not producing enough reaction force to keep the object on the table surface. The work around is to use the attachTo command to keep it in a set position around the tables model origin. Another work around is to use disable simulation (as mentioned by izver). Hope this gets fixed soon!

disabling the simulation works, change the height from standart to 0.83 (z axis) and you have it "on" the desk.
i placed the desk (new) and tried this with documents and handy (new).

thank you!

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Solution provided.

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