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Virtual Arsenal to configure units and vehicles.
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Virtual arsenal at the moment it very powerful but for the purpose of editing its weak. you have to configure your load-out then export it and paste it into either a script or units init, Similarly for vehicles. But if 3den got to access Arsenal in a similar way to Zeus and then save the units loadout as part of the mission file not some script that can have issues in MP, it would allow rapid custom loadouts of units (imagine a whole team of SF in black kit done in barley a minute). Vehicles could also be configured maybe as a garage expansion to Arsenal levels of damage on certain parts of a vehicle could be done. These are now just rambling but thanks Soo much for making my life Soo much easier :)


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related to #0015268

That's what I thought, after I created the first units. Everythings seems familiar like in Zeus, until the point, where you want to try to edit the units loadout.

It was mentioned in the chat during the stream that this is going to come in

Duplicate of #15268