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AI will start moving in editor
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Basically, I was testing Eden, when after going back to eden after testing a mission, one of the AIs started moving backwards. He only got around 15 meters before he kinda exploded into nothing (died violently) leaving behind his weapons. He may have exploded because I tried to move his icon (icon didn't follow him), can't really remember.

Haven't been able to reproduce it.


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I had similar issues when AI in the editor suddenly started talking

Are you using any mods?

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No, launched unmodded.

I had a similar problem with mods attached. I had the RHS US and Russian mods running. Set an A-10 on the runway, started mission, took off, crashed (lol) and quit back out to the editor. The A-10 then powered up and started off down the runway by itself. It left its XYZ arrows behind and if I moved any of them the A-10 jumped back to the arrows and then tried to go off down the runway again.

I tried with the built in CAS plane but this did not have the same problem.

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I have the same problem, running the game modded, placed down a 2 Hematt trucks and grouped them together, then placed a support waypoint. The group leader remained stationary in the editor but the second truck was driven to the waypoint by the ai in the 3d editor, also leaving behing the x,y, and z arrows behind

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