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Bad Image: Exception processing Message 0xc000007b
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Every time I launch ARMA 3, from the launcher or directly, it will crash and give me the message Bad Image: Exception processing Message 0xc000007b Parameters 0x7ffb5d015ae8 0xc000012f 0x7ffb5d015ae8 0x7ffbd015ae8 {F27057} {F27058}


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Windows 7
Game Crash
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Launch the game

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I will get this issue in the standard version and dev version of the game as well.

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These errors are usually raised when some DLLs are corrupted or missing or when they are replaced with an incompatible version. It may also happen that you placed a DLL file in the game folder that is loaded instead of the genuine one. Possible solutions:

Verify the integrity of the game cache using Steam.
Re-install DirectX.
Uninstall the Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable package (x86 version), restart your computer and install the package again (do not use the Repair function).
Run the Windows System File Check tool to repair corrupted system files.
If you are using post-processing tools like Reshade or SweetFX or utilities like RadeonPro remove them.
Re-install the game; remove all files from the game installation folder and then verify the integrity of the game cache using Steam.
To identify the precise DLL that is causing an issue, download a 32-bit version of the Microsoft Dependency Walker and open arma3.exe with it. The libraries with a red icon are the corrupted ones.

I went through all the steps you asked me to and am still having issues. I have uploaded the results of the Dependency walker as well.

Issue has been fixed by formatting and re-installing windows. Ticket can be closed.

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