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SupportInfo command, Missing information about the return type
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Right now, the only source we have about the return type of some command is the wiki which is fine as long as you dont plan to automate something

right now due to the missing return type information of binary and unary commands it is not possible to automate code analysis


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execute supportInfo "" and tell what select (for example) is returning (even with multiple return values it would be nice to at least know them)

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"the only source we have about the return type of some command is the wiki"

Not true. It is available in game using the F1 hint window.

I addition to your request, I would love to see supportInfo return the correct case instead of all uppercase.

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not getting any hint window when i press F1 in the ingame editor or whilst ingame and in ESC menu

also that would not solve the problem of extracting informations from the supportInfo command