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The medical logo by truck shines through textures of objects.
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I didn't try all objects available in Armagh 3. On video two objects, a big dome and a high grass. These objects, (and similar) are often used for masking of equipment.
When your equipment hot and the engine didn't cool down yet, it is natural that in the thermal imager it is possible to see hot elements of the car. The artifact is as follows. The medical logo is illuminated and is visible on outer side of objects for which the medical truck is hidden.
There were situations when the logo was well visible through masking, and by cold car.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Arma3 1.72\Arma3DEV 1.73
Steps To Reproduce
  • Editor
  • Choose the operator of the UAV
  • Choose empty object of support the medical truck
  • Mission start
  • Lift the UAV on any height
  • To get the driver on the medical truck
  • You head in a dome or a grass, hide the car
  • Be connected to the UAV, management of an UAV sight. Examine a masking place.

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At Tanoa problem persists. Under the low roof, and in the hangar under the lowest part of the roof, the emblem of the medical transport is visible.

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Solve the ticket. It influences game process, progress.
We receive a problem, there where it shouldn't be.
There is no opportunity to hide the presence, there where it is necessary.

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On a hot medical car, the logo still shines through textures of fences, roofs and other objects

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The problem remained on DEV of the version.
Luminescence of a medical logo through structures.

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At 1.72 the problem is not solved.

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@oukej This is reproduced in DEV 1.95.145729.

not sure if its exactly the same....but on distance there is some sort of Z-fighting in viper helmets and ghillie suit head start to glow (maybe on distance facewear disappear?)