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Revive system - duplicated "was killed by" message
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When shooting continuously at a human-controlled soldier (in MP of course, for example with a machinegun) it may happen that the player gets killed twice ("x was killed by y" message appears twice on the screen).

My understanding is that the following happens:

  • the player is killed (message is displayed: "x was killed by y")
  • the revive system kicks in and player respawns "briefly" (less than a second) on the same spot where he died
  • at this moment the continuous fire from the machinegun kills the player and a second message is displayed ("x was killed by y")

In a normal situation (that is when player is not killed in that brief moment when he respawns "on his feet" on the same spot), the "first kill" displays a message but if shooter walks some seconds later close to the unconscious body waiting for revival and shoots the player one more time ("second kill") a message is not displayed.

So to fix this issue I see 2 possibilities:

  • prevent player from being killed during the brief moment of respawn on his feet on the same spot
  • remove the "x was killed by y " message if player is killed a second time during the brief moment of respawn


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