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No sounds of horn, NVG activate, alarms sounds, gear in air vehicles.
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There is no sound of:

  • Activation Nigh Vision goggles (sound is only in virtal arsenal, but cannot be hear while playing mission)
  • While driving car and using first person view, player cannot hear the vehicle's horn
  • All alarms sounds inside vehicle (incoming missle, critical damage), while using first person view CANNOT BE HEARD.


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Simply mission, in editor set time 22.00, playable AA specialist (with nigh vision googles) and playable, undestructable plane on its way to this man and play as them all, activate NVG, play on FP view.

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Who voted it down? Its lack of some sounds, person who voted it down like buggy games?

Another vote down? Are you sick? Wanna make me mad? This is adding only problems for you..... Trolls

Bohemia please, fix this....

I think those are trolls. I think what they're trying to say is that "Your in a car. And sounds outside don't simply go through just like in real life."

So i quicly reply to THEM : When i'm in car and all windows are closed, i can hear horn of my car, and all other cars THATS WHY HORN IS MOUNTED IN CARS, so other drivers can hear it as well - BUG. As for Nigh Vision sound - it not present, only in virtual arsenal can be hearable - BUG, if i fly helicopter, jet and someone shoot to me giuded missles i cant hear alarm sound (it can be hearable only in third person) - BUG, if There is critical damage in tracked or flying vehicles, there is no sound as well - BUG, when flying too low there is no sound - BUG. So please tell me how sick someone must be to downvote it? Damm trolls. now even on simply feedback tracker.... their parents should burn their PC's down :D

Will this be fixed in 1.52? This would be small step to big progress.

i hope they will fix this once...