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Let ARMA3 have traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
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Helo BI.

I am a translator, in charge of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan's ARMA3 localized.

Here is my work:

I also make the in-game video localization, like the Campaign intro:

I want to ask if is possible to let ARMA3 directly owns chinese in-game?

I can offer you that I already done file to you.

Thx {F26890}


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If is possible to translate Marksman DLC?
Because the file is ebo
Can let me translate language file?

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Hello. Can you please let me know your email? I will contact you.

hi @falagor, do you send e-mail yet?

Hello. I will contact you as soon as I can.

Ok, thanks^^

Processing via internal communication.

Make the email note private!!!!!!

If you want to play ArmA3 simply learn English that's my opinion.
I come from Poland so i am not from English speaking country but i do not need a Polish GUI, i like English one in all the games i play, even when there is PL one available.

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Support for Chinese characters has been added. Available on Steam dev branch 1.55.134092.