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Editor, PSU squeal and get hot when maximum zoomed in on map.
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My PSU was making coil whine noise and the fan started going loud everytime I was maximum zoomed-in in the editor. If I leave it zoomed in, I eventually get a crash to desktop and it says my graphic card drivers stopped responding.
So I thought maybe my PSU was bad.
Since it was probably time to buy a new one anyway, I did.
Installed a brand new Corsair HX850i, 850W PSU.
Opened up Arma to confirm today.
The PSU does not whine as much but you can still hear it work, and it still get hot.
Now, im no expert on these things. But it feels like the graphics card starts going for some reason when you are zoomed-in and the PSU gives it maximum power.
It never got so hot before.
And why would the PSU and GFX-card need to work its ass off when you're in the editor?


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-Start game.
-Zoom in to the max on the map.
-Put your head near your PSU and listen for electricity noise, or wait until fan goes loud.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 31 2015, 12:47 PM

That sounds like a hardware issue. Check if everything is plugged in, check your temperatures etc.

Also post to some hardware forums as this is software bug tracker. Thanks.

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try to enable VSync ! I had the same issue that my GTX 980 TI is running with 90% Power in editor @ 1600 FPS - This sucks like hell. So enable Vsync to limit the FPS and GPU Power usage.

I get nearly 100% gpu core usage when opening map and zooming in, also when looking through scopes. 20-50% gpu usage is common at all other times.

on my end it`s the gtx760`s coils whining and fan getting loud, not the powersupply tho.

2x4GB ddr3-1866
gtx 760oc
3x60GB SSD@raid0
happens both on win7 64bit and win10 64bit (win10 offers abit more fps, but currently rather bad nvidia drivers and/or bad memory managment)

Enable driver vsync. This is most definitely an issue with too many FPS.

Yeah you guys are right. I get about 1300fps (holy shit!) according to steams fps-counter when zoomed in fully.

vsync and fps cap enabled on my end, still gpu usage spikes to max when scoping and when in map.