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Extended "Killed" and "MPkilled" Event Handlers
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It would be great if the class name of the weapon, magazine and ammo that killed the player could be returned as well as the killer and killed player. This would make it far easier for killer info scripts to work while being more accurate.


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not needed

Killed EHs return the killer object which is pretty much telling you all you want to know

even if the killer was inside of a vehicle (in that case the commander of the vehicle is passed to you as param instead of the vehicle or the gunner btw.)


Sure, not "needed", but would be much better than what it is now.

There have been multiple occasions where the killer has switched their weapon before the projectile kills the victim. For example, getting killed by binos.

Also, many new or tweaked EHs and commands were for the sole purpose of making things easier and most importantly faster. It's much better to have the engine handle things rather that scripting.

Also, fired EH returns this info, why not this too.