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Kneeling soldier jump up when died(kick the ground)
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The kneeling soldier jump up a little bit, when died(and partially when get hit).

I think it's caused the wrong initialization of the ragdoll. It's looks like that there is a tension in his legs when he die.

Because of this tension the character to kick with his legs and jump off.


Slow motion: {F26835}


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Steps To Reproduce

-Place two soldier in the editor in the same group. One player and one AI with name in my example "Chicken".
-Start the mision.
-Order the "Chicken" to Stop and "Stay low" AKA go to kneeling position.
-Watch in his direction.
-Press esc and write this into the console: setAccTime 0.1; Chicken setDamage 1;
-Go back to the game and watch the "Chicken" behavior.

Additional Information

Expected behavior: He should not kick into the ground and jump off. He should lay backward/forward or side depending on the direction of the bullet caused the death.

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Sample mission attached. It's makes the testing easier because it's kill the AI and slow down the time.

I don't think it's related. That issue is about flying up from prone position.

This is about the wrong starting position/setup of the ragdoll in kneeling position. This is always reproducible.