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weaponHolder from dead body prevent firing repeatedly trigger again
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Trigger activates by any unit on enter into trigger zone and deactivate on exit. But if unit enter trigger zone and killed inside trigger not fires when unit dead and not alive. If check thislist on alive units in trigger result is: ( {alive _x } count thislist > 0 ) == true - trigger think unit is still alive. If move body of unit from zone(setPos [0,0,0]) - nothing happens. weaponHolder is still inside trigger zone. Next move weaponHolder from trigegr zone (setPos [0,0,0]) and voila - trigger starts to work!!! Moving out weaponHolder first makes trigger work normal.

Here my trigger:

			expActiv="hint 'Act'";
			expDesactiv="hint 'DeAct'";
			class Effects



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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Create repeating trigger activate by ANY
2 - set hint info on activate/deactivate events
3 - put inside trigger zone any soldier (activate)
4 - kill this soldier - nothing happens
4.1 - on moment of killing soldier(in same time) trigger fires as deact for millisecond and again go to state activate when ragdoll finishing movement.
4.2 - check for alive units passed as true(all units dead inside zone) { alive _x } count thislist == 1
5 - remove dead body from trigger zone - nothing happens
6 - remove weaponHolder - trigger fire deactivate

  • - putting this body or/and weaponHolder inside zone again not broke trigger again, it works fine.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 24 2015, 9:56 AM

Hello, when i move the dead unit out of the trigger the trigger gets deactivated properly. Could you please attach a repro mission? Thank you!

Hi! Sure. Here my repro mission. How to catch bug:
1 - Check my trigger settings with zone. (Second one is radio alpha for this test)
2 - Run mission. (You should be outside zone during test!)
3 - You see guy in front of you and trigger's hint "Activated" (red in zone)
4 - Kill that guy. Watch hints message! It should change to "Deactivate" for second and "Activated" again.
5 - Next point your cursor on body and 0-0-1 to move body to your(player) pos - nothing happens.
6 - Do same as in 5 on weapon of dead guy and voila - trigger hints "Deactivated"

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X39 added a comment.Aug 25 2015, 3:52 PM

in my opinion no bug as ANY should detect ANY living object and not just AI objects

solution would be adding some class filter to the "custom conditioN"

{_x isKindOf "AllVehicles" && alive _x} count thisList > 0

Uh... I could not imagine that triggers so powerful and "ANY" means "any object" instead of "ANY AI". My fault. Trigger problem has been solved when i put empty veh in trigger zone and it fired.... Sorry. Thnaks.