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[1.50rc] strange animation when switching from lowered pistol to primary weapon
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Today I tested 1.50rc, and I found a (probably new) animation bug:
If you have a pistol and a primary weapon equipped, switching from the lowered pistol to the primary weapon makes your character perform (kind of) these movements:

  1. pull the pistol from the holster and point straight ahead
  2. lower the pistol
  3. put away the pistol and take your primary weapon

As the pistol was out of the holster and lowered already, the first two animation phases should be skipped.


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I just tested 1.48 stable, and this bug is present there, too.
So this is not new to 1.50rc...

Today I tried the newest 1.54 hotfix RC (1.54.133685), and this bug seems to be fixed. Thank you very much!

I think this ticket can be closed as soon as this fix goes to the stable branch.

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