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"assignedTeam player" returns nothing
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The assignedTeam scripting command is bugged and might return nothing for a unit under certain circumstances. {F26788}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • start a mission with the game master module synched to the player
  • put "assignedTeam player" (without "") into the debug console

-> it returns "MAIN" (or any other team there might be)

  • then create a friendly unit and take control over it

-> "assignedTeam player" returns nothing even though the player is still there

Additional Information

I'm not trying to read the team of the remote controled unit (which does work with "assignedTeam cameraOn"), but of the game master.
After canceling the remote controlling, the command works again.

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For completeness, this also affects controlling UAVs.

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Steps to repro with attached mission:

  • Begin mission
  • Observe hint showing "Assigned team is: MAIN"
  • Take control of the UAV
  • Observe hint changes to "Assigned team is: <null>"
  • Release control of UAV
  • Observe hint reverts to "Assigned team is: MAIN"

Expected results:

  • hint message doesn't change when taking/releasing control of the UAV.