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AI sixth sense - spot, spin, shoot, skull...
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When approaching AI from a rear angle during urban combat; they are able to spot, spin and shoot in less than a second, before I even have time to aim down my sights to squeeze a single, aimed round off.

They are also deadly accurate in that same time frame, regardless of weapon. Several times I saw them focused on my old position so I moved round the buildings to get a better angle to shoot. As I emerge to engage, they spin around and nail me as if they have a 6th sense and aimbot, and I don't see their heads turning to indicate that they are scanning their sectors and could spot me.

The problem here is; how to effectively engage enemy during CQB that smells you, spins and shoots before you can even look down your sights and shows no indication of checking for you eg. with a head turn?


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AI Spotting / Detection
Steps To Reproduce
  • load up map Porto on editor (not necessarily this map, but one with a cqb environment like on Porto would be better).
  • use MCC to spawn 4-6 man group in a created urban zone
  • try to tactically move through area
  • engage enemy
  • once spotted flank them from behind a 90 degree angle
  • expose yourself slightly to get a better angle if needed
  • enemy will smell you, spot you, spin, shoot, smack you dead.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 11 2015, 9:10 AM

As far as i know MCC uses custom AI. Try reproducing the issue on vanilla version of the game.

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Faz added a comment.Aug 11 2015, 6:53 PM

I did wonder if that was a possibility. I will try that.

Maybe try Zeus instead of MCC?