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Ai die when open parachute
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This issue had been reported before by many but it was closed.

Ai still sying in midair when open their chute. As squad leader I'm fine. I can open the chute but not members of the group.


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Set parachute in editor and put them directly in the air. mission start in the air

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Did you try this vanilla ? i only know this can happend by using MODs (dont know wich one it was...)

Without MOD? I can't give up on MOD unfortunately.

R34P3R added a comment.Aug 8 2015, 3:06 PM

Then live with it or check wich MOD do the problem

The thing is I wasn't the only considering the tickets who has been deleted before with out solution. but thanks for reply.. Still waiting for another opinion.

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This is consistent while unmodded (dev version 1.49.131774). AI dies upon transition from free fall animation to parachute deployment. Only workaround is to set foreach units allowdamage false and create trigger that detects istouchingground foreach units set each unit allowdamage true. At one time, long ago this was fixed but it came back I think since version 1.43 or 1.46.