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Modular Inventory
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I would like to see a modular inventory system for ArmA 3.

This system will work well in terms of customization and added realism to the game. The modular system will segment all of the different types of equipment and allow for a more accurate use of space and items, it will start off with a basic soldiers slot system.

Main Weapon

From there individual pouches can be visually added the the base models of either a vest or backpack if chosen, that then preform different roles such as:

Magazine pouches
Grenade pouches
Utility pouches
Radio pouches
Tool pouches
Navigation pouches
Drop bags
Leg bags
Medical pouches

This will provide the player new ways to personalize their soldiers and would allow for more varied levels of customization, the system will also allow the modding community to build on that basis and create far more content for an already strong community.
{F26761} {F26762} {F26763} {F26764} {F26765} {F26766} {F26767} {F26768} {F26769}


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Will upload pictures to demonstrate the idea.

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These images I've uploaded individually contain the different types of pouches.

I would also suggest having a choice of several of each type to give players a higher level of customization, this sort of system would be great to have as a realism aspect and I hope it at least gets some consideration as a possible future idea for ArmA 3 and also possibly future ArmA releases to come.

Really good idea. I saw this thing in Veteran Mod, BIS you can contact them or made some system of yours, but VTN work very well. Upvoted

I would also suggest adding the same visual affect that was recently added for the pistol in the holster.

Same thing can be added for Magazines, Grenades and the Radio pouches.