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Arma 3 crashes on launch - STATUS_ENTRYPOINT_NOT_FOUND
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Whenever I start the game, I crash with a STATUS_ENTRYPOINT_NOT_FOUND error. I just downloaded Windows 10 and I've tried starting Arma with Compatibility mode for Windows 7 and in administrator mode, neither helping. {F26741} {F26742} {F26743} {F26744} {F26745} {F26746}


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Not A Bug
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start the Launcher
  2. Press the Play button
  3. Crash
Additional Information

CRASH REPORT: see attachment Nightmare515_troubleshooting_report.txt

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I fixed the original issue by verifying integrity of game cache, but another crash has arisen. I updated the ticket accordingly.

this may be related to BattlEye. Please take a look at they site They have a section in theirs FAQ about this error.

I don't remember how but it seems to me like I fixed any issues with battleye. I made a post on the Biforums as I really want a fix ASAP.


I'm also gonna upload the crash files to the ticket. I was getting a entrypoint not found error but it seems to have stopped showing up in the unusual crash popup.

I updated the ticket with 4 new images: 2 crash messages from the launcher and 2 images using the dependency walker.

could you please run Dependency Walker again and save its output to a file (File -> Save as...), compress the file to a ZIP archive and upload the file here.

Note: I've taken a liberty of moving your troubleshooting report from "Additional Information" to the attachments to make this issue shorter.

Heads up: My PC fucked over and I don't think the issue is with Arma atm. Had to reinstall OS and a bunch of other stuff. You can close this issue if you want. I found the problem a while back: SweetFX.