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TrackIR head movement STILL not synced in multiplayer
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Head movement is not visible for other clients in multiplayer games if done with TrackIR while on foot. Using the free look bind however works and results in head movement being visible for everyone. Head movement in vehicles is synchronized so it doesn't appear intentional.


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Windows 10 x64
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Have two people join the same server. At least one needs TrackIR for head turning.
This person's TrackIR head movement will not be visible to others on the server and he will instead appear to simply face forward.
The intended behaviour is visible while in vehicles where head movement is synchronized.

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This has been working perfectly for years and in multiple games. What happened?

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This still isn't fixed in dev version 1.55.133365. TrackIR head movement is synced inside a vehicle.

Dasky added a comment.Dec 1 2015, 8:57 PM

Still an issue in the 1.54 nexus update.

Since this hasn't been fixed yet are we to assume it is intended as part of network optimization or has it just been forgotten? It's an important part of immersive gameplay and there's no reason for it to have been removed when it's still present for mouse look.

Please have a look at this.

If this is just a flag having been disabled, please fix it. If it takes more effort please just let us know here.

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I can confirm this issue.

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Would a better description or a video help in making this higher priority?

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Is there a reason this hasn't been fixed or even looked at? It is a massive immersion breaker and makes it impossible to tell which way someone's looking.

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Any news now that a lot of small issues seem to be getting some attention? This functionality is still sorely missed and has been for over five years now.

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Should be fixed on perf branch

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Thank you! It is great to see all these old issues being fixed. 👏

Thank you! It's now synced and visible. Really happy about the fix.

One new issue though. The fix seems to have doubled the trackir rotation sensitivity and limit for infantry. In other words, what trackir reports as 90 degrees in game is actually 180 in Arma and you can turn your head all the way around to forward. This is only as infantry. The sensitivity in vehicles is still the same and working as intended.

Hope to have that fixed too! You really seem to be on a roll. Thanks for the great work on these old issues. Really breathing some new life into the game!