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Blufor tracked APCs' hithull hitpoints are inconsistent with the other factions APCs
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Including Panther Cheetah and Bobcat, the "hithull" hitpoint is not covering as much as the other faction's tracked APCs. The sweetspot is always the rear door, but other than that there aren't many significant areas which causes damage to the hull. You can basically spam APFSDS-T 30mm rounds all over the vehicle if you are not hitting that sweetspot (of course the overall/internal damage will kill it eventually, but much slower than the "hithull destruction")

On the other hand, other APCs have them almost all around the vehicle model, taking only 3-4 APFSDS-T 30mm rounds to destroy them, making the Blufor's APCs superior in armor and survivability.

Is it a design decision?


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Adam added a comment.Jul 30 2015, 12:33 PM

That is a design decision :) Marshalls autocannon is 40mm while Kamysh / Mora autocannon is 30mm one. So Marshall is more powerful in terms of attack power. Thank you for noticing!