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Advanced Flight Model Exploit
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Helicopter controls exploit.

Switching controls of the helicopter from Pilot to Copilot/Gunner.
Pilot having Normal Flight Model and the Gunner/Copilot having Advanced Flight model.

Exploit 1#: Speeding up the takeoff process.

Pilot (Normal Flight Model) Unlocks controls, starts throttle.
Gunner/Copilot (Advanced Flight Model) Takes controls instantly throttles up, lifting off.

Exploit #2: Stop helicopter midair while it's falling. (After getting hit by AA's / or damaged MROT)

Pilot (Normal Flight Model) Unlocks controls, gains altitude.
Gets hit/damaged by AA (or anything else that breaks the MROT and forces the helicopter to fall)
While falling the Gunner (Advanced Flight Model) takes controls stopping the rotor from spinning (as if it spawned midair) and stops the fall for a moment.

Exploit seen from outside. (Manage to save the helicopter)

Attempts to try Exploit #1 and #2 (Doesn't work)
Gunner (Normal Flight Model)
Pilot (Advanced Flight Model)


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Advanced Flight Model
Steps To Reproduce

Have 2 players with different Helicopter Flight Models.

Pilot (Normal Flight Model)
Gunner/Copilot (Advanced Flight Model)
Attacker/Enemy (Person who's going to damage your helicopter)

Reproduction for Exploit #1:

Create a helicopter (that has Control switching) preferred Blackfoot.
Pilot and Gunner/Copilot get in the helicopter.
Pilot (Normal Flight Model) Unlocks controls and throttles up 'LShift'.
Gunner/Copilot (Advanced Flight Model ) Takes controls and presses throttle UP 'LShift'.
Outcome: Helicopter can lift off even before the main rotor spins up to full speed for liftoff for the pilot

Reproduction for Exploit #2:

Works only when the helicopters main rotor is not working causing the helicopter to fall. (Get hit by AA)

1- Pilot (Normal Flight Model) lifts off, gains altitude and unlocks the controls.

2- Enemy/Attacker shoots an AA Titan at you, breaking your Main rotor causing you to fall.

3- Gunner/Copilot (Advanced Flight Model) takes controls of the helicopter while it's falling, making it stop midair for a second and completely stopping the Main Rotor spin.

TIPS for better effect: Pilot throttles down 'Z' while falling.
Gunner/Copilot: Constantly releases and takes controls of the helicopter.

Additional Information

Exploit used in popular MP Missions - King of the hill.

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This should not just be on a wishlist. Please reconsider and increase the severity of this bug. I have been killed many times with this problematic bug. Anyone who uses Advanced flight mode knows of these problems when flying with anyone else that is using basic mode. What tends to happen is after landing and the engine is off and blades spinning down then the helicopter changes from basic to advanced because either I got in the pilot seat or got out then the helicopter will float into the air 10m and since it is spinning down in comes back down crashing. I have waited for many releases and nothing has been done about this. It happens all the time to me. Please fix this as I am terrified to fly along with a basic pilot/copilot.

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