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Infantry AI won't properly move in formation
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Hi there, I was sure there were some tickets about this but I couldn't find them with the search tool.

Infantry AI has huge problems when moving in formation: they take ages to come again near the other teammates.
Often happens that one or two men remain very very back and take so much time to reach the rest of the team.
This should be fixed! Making assaults and trying to move fast with the team is pretty impossible!

There are probably similar problems with vehicles, but here I talk only about foot mobiles!


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AI Pathfinding / Motion
Steps To Reproduce

1-Open the editor
2-Create your own team
3-Put enemies nearby
4-Move in formation

I fear there are more problems with your team in Stealth\Danger fight mode.
For example, medics during a firefight are the most useless men in the world since they are almost never going to heal your men (and often they pass in front of your shooting weapon).
Moreover it would be useful if, when ordered to get healed by a medic, the injured man would try hiding behind a cover, so that they would be safe.

Additional Information

When you're in combat mode things get worse. It makes sense since it's the "firefight" mode and the team is busy killing enemies and finding covers, but in some situations if you need to move quickly, you won't be able to because the team will break everything.

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+1, upvoted. Allways without mods i have problem to travel with my team members. I need to tell them to change behavior to "safe", only then they are folowong me, not hiding in the bushes. For BIS developers - you can easly fix this by changing "aware" behavior just like you did in Arma 2 OA 1.62 - aware is default bahavior where team was allways next to you, and was accurate with detecting, searching and supressing the enemy - please change that to Arma 2 standard.

It seems duplicating is the only way of reminding BIS to fix major issues

@Fighting Power, and this way also will not have effect, because the feedback is not working/
BIS, unfortunately you just ignore their users.

This is an off topic, guys! If we want discuss this further, we can use the forums. :)

I just hope they will fix these problem: the feedback tracker can be a powerful tool to improve Arma 3 and help BIS fixing issues...What's sure though, is that Arma 3 has been released with too many bugs.
Maybe they had to wait more before releasing it, but this is the situation now and we can just try helping each other - and helping BIS, of course - by using at the best the tracker and the forums!

I know, mickey, this situation is frustrating a little: I live a hate-love situation with Arma 3 due to its bugs, but we can still hope BIStudio will fix many of them since they don't abandon their games (the latest OFP official patches are very "recent", for example)!

@otreblA_SNAKE_ITA, thanks, for good thoughts;)

:D can't wait for the next patch, then!