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server crash randomly since 1.48 update
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server randomly crash since 1.48 update {F26665} {F26666} {F26667} {F26668} {F26669} {F26670} {F26671} {F26672} {F26673} {F26674} {F26675} {F26676} {F26677} {F26678}


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run server, wait, crash

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i have try with jemalloc but, look worst, server crash every hour

Fixed on Arma3Test148RC?

Always crash with RC update, but much less (only 1 crash tonight )

Adam added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 8:45 AM

No, the RC Branch currently adresses only the FPS issue.

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@havena: It's important for us to know whether the new RC has made the crashing worse, better or approximately the same. Judging from your statement of 1 crash last night, it sounds like it's not worse?

I'm a player on havena's server, with the new RC we have two crash last night, one approximately at 9Pm, and the other at 01Am.

Before the new RC we had 3 crash per night, and sometimes more.

Without RC server cant handle more than 50players, now handle more but always (less) crash randomly. I send u another RC dump crash, this crash happend after 4h with >60players.

I just looked here - people, cant you read mod description before dwonloading? You are using no compatible mods! READ MOD DESCRIPTION BEFORE CLICKING [DOWNLOAD]. More - all of them in one folder - thats next proove that you dont know how to install mods. For fox sake, read descriptions! Separate modfolders create priorities between them!

here some windows event :

@vlad_8011 : which? 90% of mods we use are customized / modified / corrected

All of them! CAF RDS RHS - its most incompatible mods i ever heard, and you mixed them with smaller ones. If you want so much RHS, play with it, and only with it, no other addons adding units to opfor site, before it will gain crash. If it will run stable, add another one, and you will seek a crash fault. REMEMBER TO USE SEPARATE FOLDERS FOR EACH MOD!

90% of mods we use are customized / modified / corrected.

RDS are complitly rewrote by ourselves, caf & rhs never cause issue.

thx for your help

So, enjoy crashing.

so stop trolling. i run this server since arma3 alpha. i have add and correct mods 1 by 1. this crash appear with 1.48. Its perhaps related to mod but its not the "cause". best regards.

ps : @DnA @Adam i use HC perhaps a clue. (but no crash for HC)

Adam added a comment.Jul 24 2015, 12:44 PM

We are currently investigating your issue. Thank you for your patience.

No crash today with perf1. I give you a new feedback on 24h

1 crash with perf1 @ 75 players (

Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0117C44C
Version 1.48.131629
Fault time: 2015/07/25 22:26:56
Fault address: 0117C44C 01:0014B44C C:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master\arma3server.exe
file: altisfrrp (__cur_mp)
world: altis
Prev. code bytes: 24 51 8B 49 04 8B D4 85 C9 74 09 B8 01 00 00 00
Fault code bytes: F0 0F C1 01 89 0A 8B 4C 24 0C E8 55 96 B8 00 8B

EAX:00000001 EBX:00000000
ECX:00000002 EDX:02B0EE94
ESI:9AAD7260 EDI:9AAD7110
SS:ESP:002B:02B0EE94 EBP:4E033138
DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

repro send to dwarden


Do you ave some new plz. 3 crash Yesterday evening for the same bug.

Thx :)

@Adam @DnA full dump send to dwarden


crash happend only when player > 80.

lot of memory pagefault before crash.

fix it before 1.50...