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Ear rapingly loud gunshots/echo after minimizing ArmA
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When returning from being minimized, ArmA replays the last gunshot at max volume (which hurts quite a bit).

The ghost gunshots will continue to happen every time you maximize arma, unless you fire a shot in a building. Seems to be tied to the echo effect. Firing full auto and then minimizing results in multiple ghost gunshots at the same time.

Sometimes it happens after being paused in the editor for a little.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go in editor
  2. Shoot a few rounds in an open area
  3. Press esc
  4. minimize ArmA or switch to a different program
  5. maximize ArmA, press esc

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Adam added a comment.Jul 21 2015, 9:44 AM

I was unfortunately unable to reproduce the issue. Are you running mods by any chance?

Try using an MX in Agia Marina, Stratis, if that helps.

With modded weapons, the issue is an extremely loud ghost gunshot (ACE, RHS)
In vanilla A3, the issue seems to only be ghost gunshot echo's, which isn't nearly as bad.