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CSAT Ghillie suits (including DLC ghillies) give more armor bonus than FAA / NATO
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In the virtual arsenal all DLC CSAT Ghillies give armor bonus over the FAA and NATO DLC Ghillies..

Are these values in the arsenal accurate? I think so.


At point blank with a P07 pistol, it only took one shot to kill an AI with a NATO or AAF (DLC) ghillie while an AI with a DLC CSAT ghillie was always able to survive at least one bullet. None of them had protective gear other than uniforms on. Tested 3x same results.

--------Further testing

vest used: Carrier GL rig MTP

With a Carrier GL rig mtp and a DLC CSAT ghillie I had to be shot 12x with a P07 point blank(2m) to be killed. With a DLC NATO ghillie and the same vest, surprisingly it only took 6 shots. Tested twice. Same results.

Using the same vest and a CSAT DLC ghillie it took 5 shots point blank from an MX 6.5mm to kill me. Now with a NATO DLC ghillie it took 3 shots. Tested twice, same results.

These results are scary!


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I think its intended since they CSAT units don't use vests. They use Harnesses most of the units. So they had to balance them by making their Uniforms higher armor. Probably the same with the Ghillie.

Adam added a comment.Jul 20 2015, 3:18 PM

As designed. Thank you for your ticket.