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[Mission: Damage Control] Injured AAF doesn't play the animation "Act_SittingWounded_out"
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In the Mission, Damage Control, the injured AAF soldier doesn't play and/or have the animation of being wounded. I think it was indented to make him play the "Act_SittingWounded_out" since its in the animation list. {F26622} {F26623}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play>Campaigns>Prologue>Damage Control
  2. Play the mission
  3. Once loaded in, look at the injured AAF soldier
  4. Now noticed the injured AAF soldier is just using the usual death animation and also you can noticed a small instance of him standing up and then going back down again. I suspect the script doing the command is broken.
Additional Information

I had my computer reseted and everything is clean. I also have verified the game.

Also I remember playing the mission before and it had the animation.

The first screenshot is from the mission Damage Control and the second one is a screenshot of the "Act_SittingWounded_out" animation from the animation viewer.

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I actually tried testing this animation. And it seems to be broken. It doesn't play the animation that was shown in the Animation viewer