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Special characters like the ones under "Men (Story)" lose their appearance when made the player
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Some characters like the one from "Men (Story)", for example Kerry or Miller, have a pre-defined identity. Setting them up as a player in the editor erases that identity in favor of the player's settings.

In Arma 2, this was not the case.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • In the editor, place NATO->Men (Story)->Miller and set as Player
  • Start the mission


  • Miller will look like Miller


  • Miller will have the player's head and voice

Using "setIdentity" works if done after mission start.

Additional Information

During my own experiments, I had a unit encoded with the following init event handler:

init = "(_this select 0) setIdentity ""CUP_Miles"";";

The identity was not set. However, when I moved the line into a script file and changed the init event handler to

init = "[_this select 0, ""CUP_Miles""] execvm ""\path\to\script.sqf"";";

the identity was set correctly. So it would seem that the init even handler is executed before the player identity is applied.

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The issue is a bit more complex than it seems (as already the additional note proves) - when You start a mission, there go several changes of faces:

  1. Setting the face according to the soldier model
  2. Setting the face according to identity type
  3. Setting the face according to identity (scripted setIdentity goes here)
  4. Setting the face according to profile
  5. Setting the face according to mission scripts (including execVM)

That means we may possibly change the faces using execVM, but that could possibly collide with all mission scripts and provide strange results (including for example the East Wind campaign).

Just a side note, it worked well in A2 because story characters had their own head models with no selections to change the face on.

I see.

But Miller certainly has its own head model, and from what I could see the Arma 2 characters arent't very different from the Arma 3 characters, config-wise.

I haven't ever tried if a setIdentity on a predefined character from Arma 2 worked; it might be that there the selection of identity was "final".

But you will know better than me :)