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All the Supply-ammo boxes have ugly and not realistic death animation!
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BIS, please make a normal animation and physics with the explosion of the supply-ammo boxes in the game. Today, what we see in the game is absurd.
Watch examples:

After the explosion of the explosive charge:

Box of flies, as if she no has big weight and made of cardboard.
Box twitches like an epileptic seizure. Strange!??
Box after death, does not disappear immediately and disappears only after 7-10 seconds.

I think, ideally, a box of ammunition should explode like a small vehicle, with explosion damages and disappear in one second(probably even spawn pieces of debris, which then will disappear). If you don't want to do explosion damage, then please at least make a normal animation!
This will allow the player to create a mission in which player should be destroy the stores of enemy weapons and etc.


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I didn't even have to look at your videos to know what you're talking about, I already know what it looks like. Blown up ammo crates go crazy!!

Very unfortunately for missions where you have to destroy enemy ammo supplies.

"I didn't even have to look at your videos to know what you're talking about"

Yes , Yes I understand) I made this video for BIS, maybe they don't know about it, if this shit is still there in the game/

It's great help when people take the time to make a video of the problems.

Maybe in other words, I don't want to watch the videos, because I know about it and seeing it hurts my eyes.. :-) BIS please fix! :-)

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the small one was fine xD just went down hill xD

unfortunately all ugly

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this is realistic enough when you see mini explosions, because each projectile should ignite it's charge, they can't explode all once I believe, problem only with physics of boxes, it's of course non-realistic when it goes down hill, but fun xD

What about big boxes? Too realistic explosion?
I think all is bad. Explosion, physic, for small and large boxes.
This is shame for game simulator.
Should be fixed as soon as possible