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AI can see through smoke in multiplayer
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The AI that is not local to your own machine can see through smoke.

I've tested the following types of smoke: smoke thrown by a player, smoke thrown by AI (local to a dedicated server and local to my own client), smoke spawned by Zeus. They all are affected by this bug.

This bug has been reproduced on a dedicated server.

This bug does not happen in singleplayer.

It's unknown what happens exactly when there are multiple AI local to different (multiple) players. I haven't tested that. I only did testing on my own on a dedicated server.

I created a simple test mission in which you can easily reproduce the bug on a dedicated server, it has been attached to this bug report.

The test was performed on an unmodded (vanilla) dedicated server and on a different heavily modded dedicated server. The bug happens on both.

I first experienced this bug about a month ago, which is when I first performed these tests. I again did these tests about an hour ago and the bug is still present in the recently released game update. {F26608} {F26609}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. On a dedicated server, run the test mission that has been attached to this bug report. Alternatively, here's a download link:
  1. Join in the slot labelled as "Test1". It's a test in which the AI is standing about 50 meters away down a street.
  1. When the mission has started, open Zeus and spawn a CSAT rifleman next to the existing CSAT rifleman. This newly spawned rifleman will be local to your own machine. The existing rifleman is local to the dedicated server.
  1. Pick up smoke grenades from the box in front of you and throw as many smokes as possible around the corner towards the AI.
  1. Run around the corner. When the AI begins shooting at you, open Zeus and observe the AI. Notice how the AI local to the dedicated server begins shooting at you through the smoke like the smoke isn't there. The AI local to your own machine does not shoot and doesn't seem to notice you.

Repeat this test with the other playable slot, labelled "Test2". It's a test in which the AI is standing about 200 meters away down a runway. The results are the same. Just remember that you may need to sprint a bit (run left and right continuously) for the AI in the distance to realize you are there.

You can repeat these tests with the smoke spawned by Zeus. The results are the same.

You can repeat these tests also with smoke thrown by suppressed AI. The results are the same.

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Adam added a comment.Aug 4 2015, 9:20 AM

We are sadly unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info? Are oyu using blastcore by any chance?

No mods.

I'll make a video.

Adam added a comment.Aug 4 2015, 1:49 PM

we managed to reproduce it. Thank you for your time.

Ok. I'll hold off with the videos, then.

oukej added a subscriber: oukej.May 8 2016, 12:22 PM
oukej added a comment.Aug 25 2015, 4:09 PM

Is now fixed in the Dev Branch. Scheduled for 1.52 Patch.

Thanks a lot for helping us improve the game!