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[NOTE] Image to PAA has signigficantly slowed down
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Image to Paa for multiple conversions has developed into a somewhat convoluted process and check system , negating any benefits for speed that it was origanally designed for .

In summary Bulldozer is now quciker than using the new convoluted UI unfortuantely. in the past it was a very simple process and didnt pre process a list of all the files in the foplder , this can now add 20 minutes onto the process whilst the UI populates the apropiatee list and adds a checkbox .
Further more there is now an added process of unchecking processed paa on compeltion , all of which is totally unsessary for 99% of uses , this should be and extension by option not a standard behiaviour.

I have placed this as a note as i respect its a subjective point , however if time is avaialble it would be great for a simple UI of > source folder > convert all > end on completion .

Much appreciated


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Run a set of Satelite _lco in the 1000s and watch progress in UI
cancel then start the terrain builder and watch the CMD box , you will notice its quicker in Buldozer rather than the exe direct (which was the opposite a few itterations back)

Mask Lca/lco are usually of such small size its ahrd to differentiate speeds so sat_lco should be used as a guide.

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Just an additional note that may point to a problem

S_003_034_lco processed in 00:00:02.6875020
Processing S_003_035_lco (627 KB)...
S_003_035_lco processed in -151405.18:45:30.5249952
Processing S_003_036_lco (672 KB)...
S_003_036_lco processed in -151405.18:45:33.5406194
Processing S_003_037_lco (672 KB)...
S_003_037_lco processed in 00:00:03.2187515
Processing S_003_038_lco (769 KB)...

Note that the process time isnt consistant , some are given a time taken and some are displaying the clock time at processing .


Regarding the displayed time of the process, I'm very surprised because it's basic operation exitTime - startTime.

For the rest, I will make some tests and see if I can improve the current UI.

Hi thanks for taking a look its appreciated

The timestamp is from the UI during processing on win 8 64 pro , all on dev branch , cant help more sorry.


I ran some tests between the current and the previous version of ImageToPAA and the results show a difference but not a big one.

53 TGA files (359MB) have been used for the tests. Group A is the current version whereas the group B is the previous. The results are expressed in elapsed milliseconds between the beginning and the end of the process (including UI updates etc...).
A - Pass 1, Milliseconds: 105 965
A - Pass 2, Milliseconds: 105 769
B - Pass 1, Milliseconds: 105 756
B - Pass 2, Milliseconds: 105 483

Can you precise the file size and dimensions of the source files?

I'm sampling 20000 files not sure 53 is a good measure for how the programme will use page file , memory , cpu if the process you sample is so small

Maybe try a bigger sample from altis or so

In addition I can't rember if the last iteration was also poor , dos it also have this GUI checklist ?

Thanks for helping


To be honest, I was not expecting the interface to be used with so many files. I will "try" (because such tests takes time) wider tests and prototypes.

The previous iteration of the UI didn't have the checklist this shouldn't impact (or very slightly).