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Feature Request: AI units not in combat should heal minor injuries (especially injured legs to increase mobility)
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AI only heal based on their overall damage level. If their damage level is below 0.5 they see no need to heal themselves.

AI with injured legs are less mobile, and can reduce the speed of the entire group to a walk. AI with injured arms or other minor injuries are less accurate. It is not uncommon for a leg or arm injury (or both) to occur without causing the total damage to go over the 0.5 healing threshold.

Ideally, AI should recognise that minor injuries should be treated, but only when the group is not engaged in combat.
A check could be made to only heal units with injured legs, arms, or with overall damage over some lower threshhold


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I often times see AI walking due to injured legs and not seek treatment. I even saw 2 AI limping in the Girna mission in the "Survive" campaign mission about 10 minutes ago. They probably got bombed as I was retreating because they could not run :D. AI in general need to be more aggressive when it comes to healing themselves or calling for a medic even for minor injuries. The only time I should see AI with blood on them outside of combat is if they are waiting for a medic or have no means of treatment.