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allTurrets does not return commander with MG on Slammer UP
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allTurrets slammerUp returns 0 while it is expected [[0],[0,0]] since commander turret has an MG. However allTurrets [slammerUp, true] (include FFV turret) does return commander turret, I'm guessing because you can turn out and use FFV.

I hope this inconsistency will be resolved without breaking people's scripts that count commander turret with MG as an actual turret.


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spawn slammer up, get in, execute

allTurrets vehicle player

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Adam added a comment.Jul 16 2015, 8:43 AM

Will be fixed in tomorrows dev branch!

The command is actually even more broken as before after the fix

The turrets command returns now are always the same regardless if a flag used to include FFV turrets or not

allTurrets vehicle player
allTurrets [vehicle player, false]
allTurrets [vehicle player, true]

all 3 return identical results. Apart from that here is another problem, assuming it is fixed:

how to return only FFV turrets? Ther eis no mechanism for doing this. Before it was possible to subtract result with normal turrets from all turrets (inc FFV turrets). This would give FFV turrets only. But with introduction of FFV from commander, it is not now possible. Because commander turrets would exist in both results and subtraction will not return it, so it will be missing from FFV only turrets. So I dont know how would you solve that.

I suggest the following

allTurrets <vehicle> - generic, returns all normal turrets (backward compatibility)
allTurrets [<vehicle>, true] - returns all turrets including turrets that have FFV
allTurrets [<vehicle>, false] - returns all turrets excluding turrets that have FFV

If I want all normal turrets for slammer I use

allTurrets slammer - [[0],[0,0]]

If if I need all turrets including FFV

allTurrets [slammer, true] - [[0],[0,0]]

If I need only FFV turrets

(allTurrets [slammer, true]) - (allTurrets [slammer, false])
which would be

[[0],[0,0]] - 0 = 0,0

So this way using "false" for a flag would actually return something useful instead of duplicating allTurrets generic command.

Fixed in 131580