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Game crash to desktop with message Arma3.exe has stopped working and will be closed.
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Last night I had unusal game crash which never happened before and I thought I should report it. I need to mention that system is fresh installed, fully up to date with latest updates from MS, drivers are latest form Nvidia, drives are optimized and defragmented. I previously ran it on Win7 64bit and had no such issue, besides the one that was fixed. ( unusual process exit )


Legacy ID
Unable To Duplicate
Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

Load the game with cba_a3, ace3, asdg_jr, task_force_radio, rhs_afrf3, rhs_usf3, aiaterrainpack, lop and join the dedicated server.
Play for at least 30 minutes with having only TS3 running in backgound, and no tfar plugin activated.
Game will crash with system message that it stopped working and will be closed.

Additional Information

I had Windows Defender active in backgound, not scanning, and arma3.exe and steam were in exception list. No other security applications running. RAM was tested and is OK. Drives in good shape. Steam and Arma3 launcher alng with arma3.exe were not runnning with elevated permissions. I did have steam FPS counter and overlay running but not active ( which I never used before and may be the cause ).

dxdiag here:
event log :

rpt and dumps in attachment

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If you need anything else let me know. I can probably get full memory crashdump next time it happens so I will add it.

Adam added a comment.Jul 13 2015, 7:53 AM

Hello, does this happen without mods too?

No sorry, I can't reproduce anymore. Possibly Steam overlay was causing this. I was trying to make it crash with procdump -e -me arma3.exe crash.dmp running in background and have caught two exceptions but not crash. I am going to try again with Steam overlay and FPS counter and procdump and will see what will I get. If it crashes I will link dump file here.

Nope. I have no idea why it crashed, and cant reproduce anymore, so its invalid I guess.