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Please Give the option fully to turn off hexagon frames, which have soldiers in the squad.
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If the player is a squad-leader, then every his subordinate soldier has the hexagon framing. I always wanted to disable this framing in my squad, because it's not realistic. These framing are visible through any objects and the player can see their soldiers through the walls and any objects!
I searched, how I can remove it, but not found the personal settings. Unfortunately the game has no personal settings for this purpose.
I found only one way.
If you go to -> Configure/Game/Difficulty and turn off "Extended HUD info", then this hexagon edging disappear, But even this doesn't work perfectly!
It will work only for infantry, but as soon the player gets inside the vehicle, then the player will still see the hexagon framing of their subordinates. See the screenshots.

Please fully remove these hexagon framing if the player disables "Extended HUD info" or give any option to fully disable it.
It is necessary for more hard core and realistic missions. {F26573} {F26574}


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  1. turn off "Extended HUD info" in the game setting
  2. Place in the map AMV-7 Marshal, with player commander
  3. Place near your vehicle, several your subordinate infantry units
  4. You will see that hexagon frames still present, even if you turn off "Extended HUD info"

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From the menu...

Click on 'CONFIGURE'
Then click on 'GAME'
Click on the 'DIFFICULTY' tab
Then disable 'HUD show group'

This method seems to work perfectly for me, even when I'm comanding a group from a vehicle.

FeralCircus Thanks for the reply, but this works only until the soldiers are not selected. If the player selects soldier, then hexagon frames reappears.
In the game there is no way to completely disable this shit!

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