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(feature request) allow the usage of weapon memory points for alternate sight
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Some weapons like the AK series have sights that are made in such a way that the iron sight is still visible even when an extra optic is mounted (like a PSO-1 scope). Right now, there is no way to switch to an alternate optic/iron sight when a PSO-1 is mounted since the eye point of the weapon's memory LOD is being ignored.

Feature request: Make is possible to use the eye point of the weapon's memory LOD for backup sights, allowing side-railed weapons to use their iron sights


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I know that RHS weapons define their own "eye" point inside the optic, however, this is not applicable to all weapons, and the use of such a measure is problematic at best, since the eye point needs to be very precisely placed.

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Why are you referring to mod weapons? In ArmA 3 you can access iron sights by detaching the scopes.

Of course you can, but by that argumentation, you don't need backup sight. I don't want to have to remove the PSO-1 from an AK all the time I go into close quarter, it's neither realistic nor practical.

And I am referring to mod weapons because there are no Dovetail mounts in the base game, last time I checked.

You should contact creators of the mod not ArmA staff about that. Vanilla ArmA 3 has scopes with alternate sights.

*sigh* Do you even know what I am talking about?

I *am* a modder. I did, among other things, the CUP Weapon pack. In that pack, we have a number of eastern weapons like AK's, Bizon, Saiga12k and others that all use Dovetail side mounts. Dovtail mounts are made in such a way that you can still peek underneath them to see the weapon's original iron sights. These optics do not have a backup sight, since the original weapon's iron sight fills that purpose.

Now, the problem is, a Dragunov is very different from an AK-74 or a Bizon. Putting a memory point in the memory LOD of the optic is out of question, it will never align properly with the iron sights of the weapon. Therefore, it would be nice if modders could specify that the original 'eye' point of the weapon's memory LOD could be used instead, making such sights usable AND accurate.

I hope that makes my point clear

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+1 you should be able to refer to the weapon's memory points (perhaps using some prefix, or memory point names should have a rethink (to avoid cases where you'd have two "eye" memory points for example) but that could just come down to intelligent use of naming conventions).

Otherwise as Alwarren said having "eye" memorypoint in the scope isn't really feasible; the current implementation should be improved.