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Lowering weapon while prone causes player to stand up
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Holding a weapon and pressing the Raise Weapon or the Toggle Raise Weapon key while prone causes your avatar to stand up before lowering their weapon.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • control a player infantry unit
  • select primary weapon
  • go prone
  • press the Toggle Raise Weapon key and notice the avatar stands up before lowering their weapon
Additional Information

Lowering a weapon should not be possible while prone. The avatar should not stand up when these keys are pressed. The Toggle Raise Weapon key and the Raise Weapon key should be ignored while prone.

ALTERNATIVE: Lowering a weapon while prone could unshoulder the weapon and hold it in a 'crawling' position.

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I finally fixed the issue. Fix is available in Development Branch 1.53.132440 (you can switch to Development Branch via Steam by right clicking Arma 3 in your Library, go to Properties, select BETAS tab, select development - Development Build and then wait for Steam to download the data) and will be part of 1.54 Stable update.

Thank you for your feedback and have a very nice day!

This issue is still present in version 1.54 Stable.

Yup, still the same in 1.54 stable.

Hello all,

I discovered, that this fix has been accidentally reverted. We will re-fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you for understanding!

Will be fixed in the next Steam Dev update. Thank you for your patience.