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ListNBox onLBDrag Broken in 1.47
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I had several ListNBoxes configured and fully functional pre-1.47 but now I cannot seem to get the onLBDrag event handler to fire. All of the other list specific event handlers fire but not onLBDrag. I haven't tested with a single ListNBox, only with multiple ones in the same dialog, but something has certainly been changed since 1.46 so is this a bug or is this intended and, if so, what has changed so I can fix my displays?

If I revert to the 1.46 branch suddenly all the LNBs work again. {F26561}


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Adam added a comment.Jul 7 2015, 12:33 PM

Hello, onLBDrag was never supported for ListNBox. How did you get it working on it?

It's been functional for as long as I can remember. The "canDrag" config property is even supported for ListNBoxes so it seems to be intended behaviour. I've attached a mission demonstrating onLBDrag (via config) and LBDrag (via ctrlAddEventHandler) working for pre-1.47 builds. As soon as you move to a >=1.47 build it'll stop working.

  • spawn LNB_fnc_openDialog;
Robalo added a subscriber: Robalo.May 8 2016, 12:19 PM

canDrag is supported for type 5 and type 102 according to documentation:

This mucked up at least one essential addon: MagRepack.

Please fix this. It's one of the most commonly used control types and has been working since the alpha. You should have really fixed this bug before releasing 1.48, that's what the dev branch is for.

Getting many complaints due to this. BIS, can you please take a look, I'm sure it's not that complicated to fix.