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HMG only or No Weapons versions of Speedboat needed.
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HMG only version (HMG front, Minigun back) or NO Weapons of the speedboat needed to add mission variation. GMG is a bit op in certain situations.


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Edited. No reproduction needed.

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Retested in bay with low waves and GMG pointed in bow direction. Recoil is managable and GMG is fairly accurate to aim.

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GMG on a speedboat is absolute garbage, downvoted.

Shields, I retested and what I didnt remember that waves was set to low for that mission. With low waves and firing in a 10 degree arc in the direction of travel the GMG is fairly accurate as long as you lase and adjust drop. Anyway, a HMG or Minigun version only would be nice to have to add variation in missions. Also A No Weapon version where occupants could use their own weapons effectively would also be great.