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Mission browser always destroy mission description (Steam Workshop) - Still broken
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The mission browser always destroy the description format from workshop missions. There are no linebrakes also the BB-Code will not shown. So pls... load the description from the description.ext or include text formating and BB-Codes.

Thanks {F26535} {F26536} {F26537} {F26538}


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Steps To Reproduce
  • subscripe a mission with good/long description from Workshop
  • select them in the mission-browser
  • look at the text format

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muf added a comment.Jul 15 2015, 11:26 AM

Please note that the game recognizes only its proprietary tags. Refer to and let us know if they worked for you. Thanks in advance.

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NOT A BUG ?? Look at the Screenshots.... the complete text formation is broken. Where is the problem to handle linebrakes and BB-Codes ??

Structured Text: Workshop does not support it.. so if you load the description from the workshop then support it right or load the description from the description.ext without BB Code.

Could we have a parameter somewhere that allows you to choose between workshop description and description.ext? A good looking workshop description looks horrible in game when using BB code.

You are not providing a solution here.

this would be nice

muf added a comment.Jul 16 2015, 10:32 AM

Ah I see, the screenshot in our internal system made me think the problem is only in Steam->A3 direction. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The problem is both Steam and A3 use different tags, so one of the descriptions will always be broken. Reopening the issue.

Although automatic BB conversion would be nice, perhaps the best solution is to simply not use the Steam description in-game:

if you've subscribed via Steam, chances are you've had the opportunity to read the full Steam description - thus in-game may only need a brief rehash, or the otherway around; either way, it would give the mission designer the final choice in representation.

In addition to that point, urls i put in Steam are not likely to be viewable in arma anyway (or not desired), no sense in cluttering up the in-game desc. with non-functioning links.

Thanks @muf, looking forward to your solution!

I hope there has been movement on this one. Or at least a work-around. @muf Not the most urgent of issues, sure. But I've run into this now and wondered why so many - if not all other - creator's content appeared so sloppy.