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Arma 3 Crashing
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My game is randomly crashing. Without reason, just freeze and crash. I often play on modded servers, but I play on normal servers too. No error, just freeze and crash. I really dont know how to fix the crash, i tried everything i can. It is happening like 1 year. {F26512} {F26513} {F26514} {F26515}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce

I tried vanilla Arma 3
older versions of Arma 3
Reinstall windows
install new windows
verified integrity of game cache
reinstall game
launch with parametres and without
a lot fixes like, reinstall driver, install older
underclock ram, cpu, gpu, overclock ram, cpu, gpu
change graphics card
change usb keyboard and mouse
deactivate ssd
play arma on ssd and on normal disc
reconfig arma
try pirated version
play on mp servers
play in singleplayer
settings on low and max

Additional Information

My PC Specs are:
I5 3570k
8 GB RAM 1600 MHZ
MSI GTX 970 4G Gaming, I had MSI GTX 660 before and it crashed too..

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well for starters theres some addons conflicting which is probably causing other problems farther down in the .rpt log:

20:13:09 Conflicting addon SMA_HK416 in 'STOCK_RECOIL\', previous definition in 'SMA_HK416\'
20:13:09 Conflicting addon TRYK_Uniform in 'Zabb\', previous definition in 'tryk_unit\'
20:13:09 Conflicting addon TRYK_Uniform in 'Zara\', previous definition in 'tryk_unit\'

that usually causes a crash right there, and theres other things farther down near the bottom where the crash happens.

some of the addons have script errors which doesn't really help the situation but I doubt those would cause a crash as theres a safety net for them.

Yeah, but why its crashing only for me? I played yesterday on modded server with 20 people, and it crashes only for me.

Adam added a comment.Jun 29 2015, 8:09 AM

Hello, please try reproducing the issue without running any mods, custom memory allocators and launchers. If the issue still persists, please send us dump files which can be found here: C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\
crashdump is rpt + bidmp + mdmp file with same name

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