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Random frees during loadingscreen (Application Hang)
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Random freezes during loading screen.

I believe since ~ 1.44.xxxx I have random freezes during loading screen.
Happens in SP (editor) and MP, frequency is about 1 in 100 (I am previewing missions quite often, crashes about once every week)
{F26503} {F26504}


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce

1.Open Mission in Editor

1.Join Server
2.Choose Slot, Hit join

Additional Information

Look attached Files, windows show application error
RPT file shows nothing related

arma3.exe -showscripterrors -nosplash -skipIntro -exThreads=7 -maxMem=2048 -cpuCount=8 -world=empty "-mod=@CBA_A3_RC7H2;@ace_311_bw;@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@BWA3;@RHSUSAF_038;@RHSAFRF_038;@sthud;@task_force_radio_098"

Cannot confirm relation to mods.
*Modstring varied over time largely.

-Windows Firewall (offline)
-Windows Defender (offline)
-No AV program active

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does it freeze for you also with no mods enabled?

I don't not use mods so it is kind of hard to test.
I hoped you could narrow the cause with the windows error log I provided.
(occurrence is 1 in 100 or less)

Happens to me sometimes without mods in MP when its trying to load in the terrain that is big like Altis it will freeze the game for a few seconds then unfreeze which probably is because the island is being loaded into the RAM and it bottlenecks somewhere along the line until everything gets through, if you just let it go and don't click anything (as that will bring up the application non responding message), it will start working again and you can play with no problem. Could also be caused by a large amount of scripts that need to be moved into RAM as well that also causes it to freeze up for a while in loadscreens.

also .rpt logs from the appdata folder and crashdumps would be good for the devs to have

I don't think that this is the problem here, I wait quite some time until I open the taskmanager.
The freeze is not always a the same moment. (different process in loading the mission and terrain (loadingbar).
And happens even after I already was previewing the mission so the terrain is still in ram.(afaik)

btw. .rpt and windows errorfile (.evtx) is attached.

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thank you for the response. It is necessary for you to try running Arma without any mods. If the crashes still happen then, please send another crashdumps.

If the crashes stop (on Arma without mods), please try to activate mods one by one until you find out which one causes the crashes.

Mods are not official content from Bohemia Interactive and it is very likely that the CTDs you are experiencing are caused by collisions between two or more mods.

Please let us know, thank you.