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Scripted radio messages are spoken locally - breaks all voice acting.
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When using groupRadio, sideRadio, globalRadio, I use actors that are far from the battlefield so that I can control better the flow.
I noticed that I can't hear the messages even though the sound files are properly recorded and declared in the description.ext.

In a nutshell: the text is broadcasted correctly to the right channel but the audio is spoken locally, as if on directSay. You can hear the radio squawk but if you're too far away you will not hear the message.

NOTE: also kinda breaks vehicleRadio, it'll be muffled. {F26501}


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I have made a test mission that shows the issue: see attached file. Just put it in your /Missions folder and play it as a SP scenario. Issue is also present in MP.

Otherwise, easy enough to reproduce. Just put a voice actor on the other part of the map, give him a .ogg to say, make him say it. You won't hear it.

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Present on both dev branch (1.47.131311) and

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Please refrain from duplicating issues. It does not get the issue fixed any faster. Thanks.