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Zeus Game Master / High Command is not able to order AI to area fire
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I humbly request the following modules to be added to the Zeus modules interface.

*Area fire for tanks and infantry -module: At the moment its almost impossible to get AI to suppress human players from a distance or give cover fire for advancing units. Also tanks should be able to engage area targets with their cannons from a distance without a direct visual on the target (e.g buildings, hilltops, forrests etc.) .

*View/scan direction -module: Tank turrets (and infantry) have a tendency to turn and watch north as soon as they have no targets or stop moving. Zeus should be able to give them a direction to watch that atleast the turret-gunner will scan during movement. Turrets should also keep scanning last known direction of enemy for a while after contact.


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Steps To Reproduce

As Zeus:

  1. Spawn squad and try to have them fire at building or hilltop that enemy is hiding behind.
  1. Spawn any tank/vehicle and give it waypoints. Watch the turret point north continuously.
  1. Spawn tank and have it engange enemies. As enemy is destroyed observe tank turret turning north again.

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