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Game Crashes with Error Instruction at 0x01df34338 referenced memory at 0x000000d8. The memory could not be read.
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During normal play (on a king of the hill server, if this is important) I discovered that my game would crash seemingly at random. I don't know quite why and I don't really know what's causing this. I was playing with no mods at the time, and when I went to enable them later the crash persisted.
The error is as follows:
Instruction at 0x01df34338 referenced memory at 0x000000d8. The memory could not be read.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game, restarted my computer and updated some of my drivers. {F26492} {F26493} {F26494} {F26495} {F26496} {F26497} {F26498}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch game and join any server/start new server
  2. Play as normal, though I found the crash to happen most often around helicopters for whatever reason
  3. Game will stutter once, then the screen will go black. CTRL ALT DELETE is only way to get out of this screen. Error message will show in Crtl Alt Delete menu.
Additional Information

This error has only started a yesterday, which leads me to believe that it may have something to do with the recent-ish Battleye update, although I can't confirm it.

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Adam added a comment.Jun 23 2015, 7:53 AM

Hello, the crashes you are experiencing are most probably caused by corrupted user data. Could you please try creating new user in your windows and try reproducing the issue there? Thank you.

After making a new profile my game appears to work perfectly. Though, it is a little bit inconvenient to have to switch between profiles every time I want to play the game. Is there a way to fix it?
Thank you for the solution.

Also, you may want to look at this thread ( It appears as though this problem is occurring for a few more people than only me.

This is true. From the disscussion on the arma subreddit it would appear that the game sometimes tries to access restricted memory and windows blocks it of course then the game crashes from an access violation (in rpt anyways, on screen it shows something similar to the above with different memory addresses of course)

Adam added a comment.Jun 25 2015, 9:59 AM

Hello, could you please attach your Arma Profile on which you are experiencing this issue? Thank you.

Can somebody get back to me about possible fixes for this? Making a new windows profile doesn't seem to do anything anymore.

Even switching to a fresh profile it crashes, when I try to join a King of the Hill server, after selecting my team and position, immediately after pressing Ok.

Orakel added a subscriber: Orakel.May 8 2016, 12:16 PM

Might be physics / particle related?

We had the issue on Sunday while playing a modded mission.

As the crew of a Bradley we fired a tow missile at a BMP. Everyone who looked at the impact of that missile got the null pointer exception.

Haven't had the time to do any more tests but are planning to.

I don't think it has anything to do with particles, as far as I can tell it crashes every /second/ (yes, specifically second) time AI fought each other. Two squads fighting is all good, but once another attacks or two entirely fresh squads fight the game kills itself. If it would help and a staff member wanted me to, I could reproduce it quickly and send the crash reports.

I'd like to report that this is also an issue in windows 8.1
I have tried reinstalling the game and running with a new windows user but this makes no difference.
I deleted all Arma related reg keys before the reinstall also.

I would like to second this report. Upping the maxmem to 6144mb (out of a total of 8gb) seems to delay the crash. When launching a new mission (Pilgrimage SP) I can play without trouble for about 1hr, then it CTDs. When I load the last savegame it CTDs within 2-15mins. Constantly.

Adam added a comment.Jul 27 2015, 2:20 PM

Hello could you please attach your dxdiag? Thank you

The txt file is uploaded. Let me know if there's anything else you need.

I'm having a very similar problem to this ticket. Attached same info requested as above.

getting the same problem.
game crashes sometimes when getting into the server after the lobby screen.sometimes afterplaying for a while.
give me this message

THE instruction at 0x696c6548 refrenced memory at 0x696c6548.the memory could not be written

dxdiag uploaded.
please fix this ASAP as it happens almost 100% of the time.kinda of game breaking stuff.

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R34P3R added a comment.Aug 8 2015, 9:20 AM

i dont know if this help you: Can you check if the page file handling from your windows is set to (System) ?

I'm sorry, but how would I change my page file handling? I'm not familiar with that side of my computer.

Actually, I looked into it.

You can find how to do with the link above. My C: Drive is set to system, but my D: drive is not. My copy of Arma 3 is also on D:. Is this a problem?

All Drives need to be handled, set to System/Automaticle

I should also mention that this issue still happened while Arma 3 was on my C: drive. In any case, I've set it to system and I'll be testing Arma 3 soon.

Nope, that didn't seem to do anything. It may have made my game run for a short time longer, but it didn't stop the crashing.

Uploaded crash dump files

It seems to me that my issue (at least with AI fighting) has been fixed! Thanks, devs!

I counted my chickens before they hatched, it looks like while the AI crash (mentioned in the patch notes) is fixed, I still seem to crash in regular play after around 5 minutes

Adam added a comment.Aug 28 2015, 12:47 PM

Does the issue persist in 1.50?

Yes. It seems to me that I must have been suffering from two crashes. The first one was the "brainless ai" crash mentioned in the notes. I'm not sure what this one is though. It seems to happen after a few minutes but I can't seem to find much correlation to anything else.

New crash dumb using the RC branch.

Too large to be uploaded on here.

Still crashing to desktop after today's game update. File is again too large to be uploaded on this website. Like is provided below.

Another day, another crash to report. The game still does not work for more than 5 minutes when AI are fighting. It consistently crashes when a second or third squad joins an ongoing fight. File is once again too large to be uploaded to this website (5MB is far too restrictive), so the link is below.

Adam added a comment.Oct 6 2015, 2:24 PM

Your CPU is quite outdated and does not meet the minimal requirements for our game. Try changing your graphical options / lowering your view distance / setting setting from low to normal (so they are transfered to GPU for processing.

I'd tentatively say that that fix was effective. I played for around half an hour with no issue, I'll post again if problems arise. Thank you!

KeeganPenney added a subscriber: KeeganPenney.EditedJul 29 2016, 8:45 PM

I have had this happen quite frequently recently (ALSO ON KOTH SERVERS!), but I have very particular cases where it happens.

Firstly, I will join the server. Normally the server uses reserve slots as well as open slots. Because of the amount of players, one might have to 'spam' the connect button over and over again till the server accepts your PC into a slot.

Secondly, the crash happens when that same server 'auto-balances' me, and for whatever stupid reason the server may attempt to auto-balance me TWICE (First telling me to join independent, then after I switch to green and pick my slot and it reload the settings (The crash loading bar), it says its now full and says I must pick blue, w/e). My crash will happen after I've switched teams, still logged onto the server but now in the lobby, and now reloading the same map (the loading period after you've accepted your team and slot) for the 2nd time that match. IS ALWAYS when my access violation happens, and its only happened on KOTH servers, under the circumstances of being team balanced.

HOW I 'TEMP' FIXED THE ISSUE: While playing with a friend on the same server using 'discord' VOIP, he had the same issue only once. His solution was first to restart arma- which did not work. He restarted steam, which worked. I received the same issue within an hour of him resolving it on his end;

  1. I reboot arma(closing the pre-launch options window)- no effect
  2. Reboot steam- no effect

Attempting to join the same server (or any other KOTH servers!) after you reboot computer/arma, the issue persists and when that same loading period mentioned before (Hitting the OK/Continue button after finding your team + slot) is 'finished', it will crash back to desktop and give the same access violation again. VOIP of the server works (You can hear your team mates before your crash happens), and the game appears to be rendering fine, you see 'death messages' and 'join messages'. There also doesn't appear to be any FPS drops or hiccups before the crash happens, the loading bar simply gets to the 100% mark and the next thing you see is the error report handler. LIKE MENTIONED, IF YOU SIMPLY ATTEMPT TO JOIN ANOTHER (KING OF THE HILL) SERVER YOU CAN GET THE SAME ACCESS VIOLATION MESSAGE AT THE SAME POINT IN LOADING- Essentially your copy of Arma becomes 'Buggered' until it or yourself decide to 'unbugger it' somehow.

I have 'fixed' (tentatively say that) the issue WITHOUT validating or reinstalling Arma3 files, I have the new APEX expansion (though the crash happens on servers running Altis, APEX assets are active & in use!) and there are no other mods running when the crash happens (totally Vanilla presets). I run my graphics anywhere between Ultra & Medium depending on server player base / current game FPS.

I feel as if this particular 'Access Violation' has some connection with the reading/writing of Data to ones persistent character (As all KOTH servers seemed to be linked somehow?/ Save profiles / transfer profiles) I.E. If you unlock a gun on one server, you can use that same gun on all other KOTH servers, even run by different hosting groups. (Obviously I don't know how exactly the information is saved/transferred, simply a concept).

NOTES: Windows 7, No AI present in maps causing crash (All Multiplayer!)

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