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kbTell Direct should not require a radio
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Report #0024474 explained this issue in detail, specifically that the problem occurs when the unit has *no* radio. kbTell with DIRECT should not require a radio, that's the whole point of direct.

This command: ["090_ambient_special_00","A_hub",nil,"DIRECT",nil,nil,1] call BIS_fnc_kbTell; does not produce sound unless the speaking unit has ItemRadio linked. It has nothing to do with what channel the speaker is using. I have literally spent hours troubleshooting this. kbTell automatically switches channels based on context, so if the user is far away, then it would require a radio. At close distance it switches to DIRECT automatically. Worked perfectly in Arma 2, but in A3 it only recognizes direct mode when the speaker has a radio (which defeats the purpose of direct).

Examples where this matters: any scenario where the player is prisoner and has no items, the player will have no voice. Speaking to most civilians, they will have no voice. {F26470}


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Run the very simple attached mission. 2 soldiers speak without sound. Comment out line 1 of init.sqf, run it again and you will hear them.

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I'm trying to build missions with the fsm conversation system, but it does not work talking to civilians (they don't have radios).

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I was hoping to make missions with a dynamic conversation system which I can't do with this bug, short of giving everyone radios which I would rather avoid. I realize few mission makers use the fsm's, but I'm still hoping someone will look into this. Thanks.

I am rather surprised that this has not been addressed. It's clearly a bug. If you run the sample mission it would be obvious. It worked fine in A2, broken by A3. There are a number of other speech related bugs too, such as "say" command not working with lip files, which I believe otherse have already reported.