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Weapon deploy makes you go inside an object or wall
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Just check the video to see the object/buliding where this happens. {F26463} {F26464}


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Adam added a comment.Jun 17 2015, 11:05 AM

Hey, i was unfortunately unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide more info. For example a simple repro mission? Thank you.

Well those Solar Transformers are the building what I was talking about. Can be found quickly from Altis main airport for example. You can find the sweetspot most of the time when you've back turned against the wall. It's not always the same exact spot on everyone of them (I guess there's two of the almost same looking) but you can find the sweetspot somewhere on the long side.

I uploaded repro missions. First one is .pbos and second one is editor files. I don't know why I uploaded as a pbo first :P You're spawned right at the sweetspot so only need to press deploy and you'll be inside.

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